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Questions, Questions, Questions!!

I really enjoyed seeing some of the questions you composed for the “Ask Me Anything!” inquiry activity. Since so many of you were confused about why or how to go about the activity, I have composed an instruction sheet. Feel free to use the sheet to document your searches, but remember to add them to your binder in a section labeled INQUIRY/RESEARCH. As you will see in the instructions, I will be grading these once every 5 weeks for an inquiry grade worth 25 points in total!

You will have class time each week to ask your questions using the Chromebooks or your own devices, but feel free to do it on your own time as well.

Ask me anything instructions

I’ll see you tomorrow…I hope!

Yay!!Good news…or bad news for those of you who don’t like me – I plan on being at school Thursday because I am finally feeling better. Yay, me!

I hope you have had a busy few days while I’ve been out. To be honest, I hate missing school. Thank you to those who commented on the blog to see what it’s like. I have to go through and approve your comments then they’ll show up on the home screen.

Don’t forget – Thursday is Day Two of Library Orientation. See you there.

What’s YOUR Question?


I can’t help it. I am so curious to know what some of your questions are and I’m pleased that you’re doing your homework. Today, you’re going to have to respond by leaving your question here, as a comment on my blog.

When students comment on my blog, it increases the “traffic” or number of views my blog gets. In the blogging world, page views are like currency. The more views you get, the richer you are…okay, not really. Anyway. it will be a good exercise for you try. Let me know if you run into any problems. You can e-mail me.

Hello Parents!

Out sick...

Out sick…

I am sorry I cannot be there to meet with you tonight. I have left an information sheet for you to take home. On it, you will find details about the multiple ways we can communicate throughout the school year. It is especially important for you to note the various ways I plan to post assignments and share materials with students. I strive to use technology as much as possible to help our students succeed.

This is one way I model for them how to stay connected and be involved even if you can’t be there in person. In the past, I and my students have used blogs to have online discussions, share assignments, ask and answer questions and also to stay in touch with kids who cannot be at school.

The blog and Google classroom allow me to attach handouts that are given out in class. This gives you and your student access to the work that was done in class. Whenever possible, I post the work to both the blog and the Google classroom. If your child cannot be at school, always have him or her check both sites by 3:00 p.m. on the day they are absent. I try my best to post material by the end of the school day.

If you don’t feel like carrying around more papers, I am posting the syllabus for English 9 and for English 9H here. You can click on them and read them! I am also posting the Open House handout that’s being given out so any parents who couldn’t make it tonight still have access to the information.

Open House

Eng 9 Syllabus 2015

Eng 9H Syllabus 2015

Monday’s Work

Yes, I'm out sick!

Yes, I’m out sick!

I’m sorry I don’t get to be with you today, but, as I promised, I am communicating with you via the blog and Google classroom. I hope that you are having a good day and being nice to my sub, Mrs. Lloyd. She is an awesome lady.

In English 9 you were supposed to read a short story in the Pathways anthology book. It’s titled, The Bass, The River and Sheila Mant. The question you need to answer for homework is: Near the end of the story, the narrator writes “I never made that mistake again.”

What was his mistake and what does he mean by never making it again?

You should post your response to Google classroom.

In English 9H you should have been assigned a god, hero or character from The Odyssey or from Greek mythology in general. Once you’ve been assigned your person, you should use the Mythology book to look up that character to see what you find out about him or her. Then, use your phone or a computer to find out more information. You will create a “player” card with the person’s image and “stats” to share with your classmates. You have until Friday to complete your card.

Here is the rubric for the “player” card:  9H Player Card

Let’s Argue!

Today, in class, students set up graphic organizers to help them sustain an opinion in a mini-debate. Using the articles “Should Kids Be Allowed to do Extreme Sports?” AND the article “The Science of Thrill Seeking,” students were told to choose one side of an argument. Either that extreme sports are okay and kids should be allowed to do them, or that extreme sports are dangerous and kids should not be allowed to do them.

I have attached the instructions here for setting up the graphic organizer. At the bottom of the instructions there is a homework assignment. Come to class prepared on Friday. We’re going to battle it out…with evidence and words.

The class assignment is linked to this post, but the articles have to be picked up in person. Sorry about that. I obey copyright laws. :)

Sept. 24 Class Instruction

Slacking Off

I apologize. I have neglected to write a post these last two days. Yesterday it was because we spent the class period setting up and going over how Google classroom works, so there wasn’t much point to me posting about using technology when we were busy…well, using technology.

If you weren’t in yesterday, you need to get the code for your English class period and join the class. The reading assignment posted is one that should already have been done. It was used to show how assignments get posted to Google classroom and what it looks like on my end when students complete the assignments.

Friday, Sept. 18th, I will not be in class. You will have your first vocabulary assessment.

Here are the words:

abstract, aversion, beseeching, buoyant, cherubs, chivalry, 

coalition, copious, inquisitive, supplication

On the quiz you will be given the word, part of speech, and definition. Your job will be to use each word correctly in a sentence.

Good luck. Have a great weekend. And remember, no slacking off!




Keep on Writing…



Today and tomorrow in class you will be writing an essay about either your summer reading or the short story “Through the Tunnel.” Read the directions carefully, plan or outline your response, then write the required essay.

I cannot attach the assignment to this post because it is considered a test and must be done in class.

In case I forget to mention it during your class period, I always keep a running list of vocabulary words that I or others use throughout the week. They are written on the left (and sometimes the right!) side of the chalkboard. Feel free to add to the lists or to write the words down and define them for yourself.

Our list so far: aversion, cherubs, innocuous, coalitions, duress.

Thanks for a great week!

This has been a terrific first week here at HS West. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. It was really fun getting to know some of your names and seeing how you interact with one another in the classroom.

Homework: Over the weekend you should finish reading the short story if you didn’t get to finish it in class.

Yay for Saturdays and Sundays!

Yay for Saturdays and Sundays!

Student Choice(s)

Which way will you go?

Which way will you go?

I always try to allow my students to choose activities and sometimes materials for the class period. This may be new to some of you, but we’ll take our time and work it all out together.

That being said: today you have TWO choices. You may read the short story “Through the Tunnel” OR you may noodle around on the brand new Chromebooks to make sure they work and see if you can find some interesting apps you might want to use in class this year. Whichever activity you choose today, you must complete the other activity tomorrow. BOTH are required tasks.

If you are absent from school today, you can read the short story by clicking on the link to it here. Short Story: Through the Tunnel

Make sure you highlight or underline difficult vocabulary and annotate while reading by writing down questions or comments you have as you read.

If you prefer to be told what to do each day I can manage that on your behalf and I do not mind. I want you all to be comfortable.

Happy Thursday!

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