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It’s so confusing…

ConfusedI am not sure if we need to hold yet another class session of exchanging assignments on Google Classroom. Sometimes I get MOST of a class to turn in work on the Classroom site and yet, there are still some who are turning in work to my gmail account. It is very confusing when I am trying to grade assignments in a relatively timely manner because I am spending a lot of time searching my e-mail inbox when students tell me they’ve turned something in. I don’t want to miss anything, but I’m sure that I am.

What are some suggestions you have?

English 9 Dual Assignments

AssignmentsFor English 9 I posted a vocabulary sheet in Google classroom. You should look up the definitions and use them to create a study guide for a quiz you’ll have next week.

Another assignment students were given in class was to choose a side in the issue about police use of tasers. Think about whether you are FOR or AGAINST the use of these devices. Then, use the article you read in class last week, “Questions Linger About Tasers,” to find information in it that supports the side you choose. After that, you must find ONE MORE ARTICLE from a different source, that supports your position. Print it, read it, and annotate it to find appropriate information.

I am linking the vocabulary sheet to this post as well so it saves you a trip to Google classroom. You’re welcome!

Vocab Trial Terms

Weekend Reading


If you’re in English 9 you should take some time this weekend to review the end of the novel “Of Mice and Men” in preparation for preparing “closing arguments” on Monday or Tuesday at trial.

The English 9H group should read to the end of Book XV in The Odyssey.

Have a great weekend. You’ll get an extra hour of sleep. Yay!!

English 9 – George’s Trial


There are three separate sheets attached here. One is for the prosecution (those who feel George should be punished), one is for the defense (those who believe George should NOT be punished) and one is for the jury (those who are undecided). In class, students spent time doing background research to define terms on their sheet and to document witnesses (characters) and evidence that might help their side prove their case in the trial. The trial starts next week so get busy helping your team to win! Jurors will have the bulk of their work to do during and after the trial, but still must do this preliminary work.




The 9H Odyssey

My Writing OdysseyYou should draft some ideas for your in-class writing. The assignment is attached to this post and has been put up in Google Classroom, but it’s worth reviewing here just in case you missed it.

First, define odyssey.

Then, write a thoughtful, one-page, typewritten essay about an odyssey you’ve experienced or one you expect to experience in the future.

It should be written in class if you are here. We will finish by the end of class Friday, Oct. 23.

Personal narrative – Odyssey

English 9 – Two For One!

Two for oneYes, folks. This week you get to use one assignment that will count in two ways: your inquiry task this week should be research that you do to help either the defense or the prosecution win the case of “The State of California v. George Milton.”

You will be given instructions during class, but you can research on your own as well. While you research, you should document whatever question you are exploring and use it to fill out your “Ask Me Anything” inquiry journal sheet. See? Two-for-one.

You’re welcome!

English 9H – The Homer Odyssey

Grrrrr....frustrationNotice I wrote “The Homer Odyssey” and not “Homer’s Odyssey.” You’ll understand the reference, hopefully, when you view the attached PowerPoint that I have finally remembered to post for you.

Here’s yet another cheesy PowerPoint by me: Homer PPT

Vocabulary Review

Great Idea!I came up with a method to help you review the vocabulary words that will be on this week’s quiz. You can click on and view the PowerPoint I put together with words, parts of speech and images to help you get a handle on meanings.

Remember, when you take the quiz: Take your time! You have to THINK about what you’re going write and don’t be in such a hurry that you forget about proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling!

Here is the PowerPoint: Cheesy Vocab PPT #2

Tuesday To-do List

Keep on ReadingIt’s Tuesday after a beautiful, long weekend and that means we have only 4 short days to get things done. Yay!

Okay, but seriously folks – this post is intended for both English 9 and English 9H students. Here is the plan for today:

English 9 – Building a vocabulary list for this week and returning your last vocabulary quizzes. You will see in the grade portal that I made the comment about making up points by coming to Writing Lab before homeroom in Room 36 by Oct. 15th. After that, you’re out of luck.

We’re going to review the events of Chapters 2 and 3 from Of Mice and Men and discuss “attitudes” and “vernacular.” There are several questions we will consider. The HOMEWORK questions are attached here: Chp 2 & 3 Questions

HOMEWORK: Chapter 4 in Of Mice and Men

English 9H – Based on your reading of “The Odyssey” so far, what to you think the ancient Greeks valued most? Work with a partner and come up with evidence from the text to support your assertion. (Assertion = vocabulary word).


Catch Up for English 9

Get it? Silly word play

On Monday this week, students finished writing a “personal narrative” or memoir based on their reading of the stories, “Through the Tunnel,” “The Golden Lie,” “The Bass, the River and Sheila Mant,” and the poem “Those Snowy Sundays.”

The assignment is: Write a one-page (handwritten, or 3/4 page typed) story about an event or experience in your life that taught you a lesson about yourself, other people, or life in general. The grading criteria and the assignment were posted to Google classroom.

We watched an introduction to the author John Steinbeck from the website You can watch it and take notes in your notebook. Here is the link: John Steinbeck bio

After that, we watched a brief clip of the opening scene from the movie version of “Of Mice and Men.” After watching the scene we had a brief discussion about what we know about the characters based on what we had just seen. Then, students read Chapter 1 of the book for homework. You can view the scene by checking this link: Of Mice and Men Movie Clip

Today, Thursday, students began reading Chapter 2 in class and filling out character charts as they read. We had a quick talk about how we find out about characters while we read. The rest of Chapter 2 is assigned as homework.

Tomorrow the classes will begin a discussion of setting and what may have influenced Steinbeck’s writings. Yay!:)


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