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This Week in English Classes

Hello Again!

Just a quick note to let you in on what’s happening in English classes this week.

English 9H: Students are finishing up their group presentations based on a quote from the book Great Expectations. All students should have finished the reading the week after April break. For the rest of this week, both English 9 and 9H will be engaging in the same activities.

English 9 & 9H: all students did a quick, ten-question grammar quiz on Monday. After doing some brainstorming/pre-writing exercises, all students are doing an in-class process writing (“hot to” do something) today, Wed., May 10. When they’re done, they have to share their instructions with another students who will evaluate whether or not the language and organization of ideas make sense and can be followed as directions. Thursday during class time, we will attempt to test out some of the processes that students wrote about.

On Friday, May 12, all students will be taking a spelling and “vernacular” (every day use) vocabulary quiz during class. We’ve done a lot of practice with grammar lately.

How you can help: Ask your 9H student if he/she finished the research paper and what grade they’ve earned on it. Ask your student what their current lexile (reading level) score is and what he or she likes to read. Ninth grade students should have a lexile of 1035. Most students were above that. If your student scored below, then we will plan some ways for them to strengthen their reading skills.


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