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Welcome, Parents!

parentsThis is a blog/website I’ve set up so that I can communicate with parents about what’s going on in English 9 and 9H throughout the year. Students have indicated that they do not like having their parents linked on the Google Classroom accounts because of misunderstandings about due dates and assignment turn in and the like. That’s fine. I will often post on here exactly what I’ve assigned or covered in class on any given day and sometimes will do a full-week summary if things have gotten busy.

How you can help: I added the “How you can help” subtitle as a feature in my posts last year. The feedback I got was quite positive. Parents told me they found it helpful to know what was going on in class, but also how they could support their student in learning.

Because this is a public website, I do not use students’ full names, nor do I give out my contact information. You may contact me via phone or email, both of which are provided to you during Open House on Wednesday, Oct. 4th.

I look forward to a great year working with you and our 9th graders.

Syllabus 2017 Syllabus 2017 9H


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