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Independence Days

Hi Folks!

Last week was the start of student-choice days where the 9th graders got to choose which task (of three) they wished to prioritize each day. They had two and a half class sessions to complete all three.

English 9 & English 9H: All students had a grammar sheet, and an inquiry task.

English 9: Students had a short story (with discussion questions), and an individual inquiry (research into a topic that fascinates him or her) and inquiry journal entry. All were assigned and explained on Wednesday and had to be completed by the first half of the class period on Friday. I will attach ALL of the documents here, except the journal piece. That was to be done in student notebooks.

This week we will do a grammar lesson, writing prompt and inquiry.

English 9H: Students read Moby Dick or The Odyssey. Their reading will prepare them for discussion leadership projects that I will attach to a separate post. They will also do the grammar sheet.

How you can help: Ask your student if he or she needs help in doing the independent work. Remind him or her that I am available EVERY DAY before homeroom in Room 36 to give guidance, extra help or to discuss grades/revisions.

Here are the materials: Nouns-Common vs. ProperShort Story (TMDG) Questions


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