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Vocabulary Review

Great Idea!I came up with a method to help you review the vocabulary words that will be on this week’s quiz. You can click on and view the PowerPoint I put together with words, parts of speech and images to help you get a handle on meanings.

Remember, when you take the quiz: Take your time! You have to THINK about what you’re going write and don’t be in such a hurry that you forget about proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling!

Here is the PowerPoint: Cheesy Vocab PPT #2


Slacking Off

I apologize. I have neglected to write a post these last two days. Yesterday it was because we spent the class period setting up and going over how Google classroom works, so there wasn’t much point to me posting about using technology when we were busy…well, using technology.

If you weren’t in yesterday, you need to get the code for your English class period and join the class. The reading assignment posted is one that should already have been done. It was used to show how assignments get posted to Google classroom and what it looks like on my end when students complete the assignments.

Friday, Sept. 18th, I will not be in class. You will have your first vocabulary assessment.

Here are the words:

abstract, aversion, beseeching, buoyant, cherubs, chivalry, 

coalition, copious, inquisitive, supplication

On the quiz you will be given the word, part of speech, and definition. Your job will be to use each word correctly in a sentence.

Good luck. Have a great weekend. And remember, no slacking off!




Keep on Writing…



Today and tomorrow in class you will be writing an essay about either your summer reading or the short story “Through the Tunnel.” Read the directions carefully, plan or outline your response, then write the required essay.

I cannot attach the assignment to this post because it is considered a test and must be done in class.

In case I forget to mention it during your class period, I always keep a running list of vocabulary words that I or others use throughout the week. They are written on the left (and sometimes the right!) side of the chalkboard. Feel free to add to the lists or to write the words down and define them for yourself.

Our list so far: aversion, cherubs, innocuous, coalitions, duress.

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